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This page consists of the most recent online version of the harmonized tariff schedule. The classification of goods into the customs tariff represents determining the tariff. Notifications and circular issued to provide relief to taxpayers in view of spread of novel corona virus covid19 circular on clarification on refund related issues click here. The document can be found on the department of justice website at customs tariff s. Microfilms for printed books and newspapers, developed and exposed. The east african community amends customs duties and. Schedules to the customs and excise act, 1964 tariff book this page contains schedules nos. This unprecetended application allows you to easily and interactively query cn codes which are no longer valid in the year 2018, and the new cn codes which replace them i. This page contains the chapterby chapter listing of the harmonized tariff schedule and. It was established by the father of the nation bangabandhu sheikh mujibur rahman under. Pakistan customs tariff 201920 updated fifth schedule to the customs.

Commodity classification is one of the most important functions of the customs. Customs gai registry nukoh mudha import nuvatha export nuvatha reexport kurun. Customs tariff importation of goods exportation of goods travellers information returning. Due to changes in software and formats, many of the early files do not contain all the graphics lines and header information as was originally printed. The national board of revenue nbr is the apex authority for tax administration in bangladesh. The hts comprises a hierarchical structure for describing all goods in trade for duty, quota, and statistical purposes. The handbook on customs clearance hereinafter referred to as the handbook is presented by the general department of customs and excise hereinafter referred to as the gdce in collaboration with mr. Software is classified into 5 tariff lines, as follows. Please contact us to request a format other than those available.

If you find errors or omissions in those files, or continue to have difficulty opening them, report the problem. World customs organization topics nomenclature and classification of goods resources national and international customs tariff sidebar menu index of topics, instruments and tools. This page contains the chapterbychapter listing of the harmonized tariff schedule and general notes. Customs imports duty changes effective from 20151214. Chapter 49, printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the. Exemption to goods when imported into india, from whole of the duty of customs leviable thereon under the first schedule to the customs tariff act, 1975 notifn. Bdps customs tariff with new import policy bdpindia.

This form of tariff is based on the internationally accepted system of classification known as the harmonized commodity description and coding system the harmonized system or hs for short. East african community eac close afrika mashariki road p. For further details please see tariff classification. The customs tariff is open to everyone without charge, but access to the customs service. The new customs tariff introduces several changes to the regime, namely increasing the customs duties applicable for several types of goods, in order to protect and promote the angolan productive sector. Tariff book and other documents customs department government.

Welcome to the website of the nigeria customs service. Mission statement to facilitate trade, protect our borders, optimise revenue collection, through collaborative border management and delivery of high quality customer services and to develop and maintain a team of motivated professional and competent staff. Commission implementing regulation eu 20181602 of 11 october 2018 amending. The customs tariff is based on the world customs organizations wco harmonized commodity description and coding system hs.

Notifications central board of indirect taxes and customs. Contact information for advice on tariff classification of goods, rates of duty, the interpretation or application of the customs tariff, permits which may be required for certain goods or information on other cbsa programs. This edition of the hts takes effect january 29, 2015. Independent state of papua new guinea no 26 of 1992 an act entitled customs tariff act 1990, being an act relating to duties of customs, to be incorporated and read as one with the customs act chapter 101. Republic of serbia ministry of finance customs administration. Tariff book for djibouti ports 1st january 2018 6 contractors by any ship owner, operator or charterer or such cargo owner or their agents or employees as a consequence of services received at the port. Tariff schedule national board of revenue nbr, bangladesh. This page contains the chapterbychapter listing of the harmonized tariff schedule and. A tariff, which is actually a list of commodities along with the leviable rate amount of customs duty, is popularly referred to as a customs duty.

Customs tariff classification helping fiji grow as a leading. Duty free project thakah genna heavy vehicle clear kurumugai amalukuraane usool. The basic edition of the 2018 hts is now available usitc. The links below correspond to the various sections in the table of contents for the harmonized tariff schedule. We sincerely hope that the global trading community, travellers and other stakeholders will find the information provided through this medium useful and timely. This section contains the entire cet tariff sections, which can be consulted online or downloaded in printable format. Indonesia tax info april 2018 page 4 the ministry of finance has also provided certainty on the classification of software goods and other digital goods that have been or will be imported by adding chapter 99 to the indonesian customs tariff book btki. Country specific stays of application of the cet kenya the council has approved various stays of application of cet duty rates on select items in kenya, effective for the one year period from 1 july 2018. Vision, mission and values tanzania ports authority tpa was established by the government under the ports act of 2004. You can find tariff notices published before 1 january 2018 on the national archive.

Preferential tariff import preferential tariff export first schedule. Customs tariff codes to be opened and closed in 2018 european union taric correlation table is available on tariff for tariff subscibers. Customs tariff federal board of revenue government of. An act to amend the customs act 2015 to insert the harmonized system as a schedule to the act and to provide for related matters. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. Kindly refer to the following documents to ascertain the prevailing customs tariff.

Chapter 49 printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry. Hiroshi suzuki, ceochief economist, business research institute for cambodia bric. Customs tariff downloads customs and excise downloads. Circulars that are not listed are no longer in use.

January 1, 2020 april 1, 2019 february 1, 2019 january 14, 2019 december 30, 2018 april 1, 2018 january 1, 2018 may 16, 2017. Japans tariff schedule statistical code for import. Heading cd article description statistical rate of duty subheading unit general eu efta sadc mercosur 02. All export duties in respect of goods entered for export out of papua new guinea are charged, paid and collected in accordance with section 5 of the customs tariff act, as specified in column 3 of schedule 2 and is subject to variation on export price change. Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products. Btbmi indonesian customs tariff book home facebook. It was established by the father of the nation bangabandhu sheikh mujibur rahman under presidents order no. Unavailability of all burs services from 29th november at 18.

Duties and taxes general department of customs and excise of. This basic edition of the 2018 harmonized tariff schedule takes effect january 1, 2018. The underlying objective of the tanzania ports authority in carrying out its functions and exercising its powers is to enhance the advantages of geographical position of tanzania as a maritime nation by. Tc is iso 9001 2015 certified having met the requirements of iso 9001.

This customs tariff 201718 has been published for official use, incorporating changesrevisions on customs rate and other related provisions to be applied for exportimport of goods for fiscal year 201718. Customs territory, such goods shall attract duties, levies and other charges provided in the eac cet. On january 1, 2015, the eurasian economic union eaeu was launched, incorporating the tariff regulations previously set forth in the russiabelaruskazakhstan customs union cu established in 2010. Commission implementing regulation eu 2015262 oj l 59, 3.

Your comments will be received by nbr and evaluated. Tariff notices contain information about how to correctly classify certain goods for import and export purposes. Tarrif commodity classification branch sri lanka customs. The harmonized tariff schedule of the united states hts was enacted by congress and made effective on january 1, 1989, replacing the former tariff schedules of the united states. The content in this website is for informational purposes only. The following htsa files are available back to 1989, the first year of publication of the harmonized tariff schedule. If you have a problem accessing the below tariff files, refer to our document formats page. Classification of country and territory designations for u.

Dynamics of technology have changed the conduct and scope of international trade. Customs tariff book 2012, 3rd edition issued on january 2015. Customs tariff it is possible to search for tariff headings or text and display immediately information on duties and charges as well as information on permits, prohibitions and other particulars connected with a tariff heading. Seeks to extend antidumping duty on import of acetone originating in or exported from korea rp till 15th april, 2020 imposed vide notification no. Pakistan customs tariff 201819 chapter 199 fifth schedule 201819.

Search tariff tariff type choose pdk 2017 pdk 2017 atiga acfta ahkfta mpcepa mjepa akfta ajcep aanzfta aindfta mnzfta miceca d8pta mcfta mafta mtfta search criteria hs code item description. General waiver of customs import duty for sugar effective from 19092018. European union taric correlation table is available on tariff for tariff subscibers. World tariff profiles 2015 provides a unique collection of data on tariffs imposed by wto members and other economies. The extracts taken from this web site shall not be used as evidence in any legal proceedings. Department of customs, customs of nepal, ministry of finance customs department, customs department, nepal customs department of customs, nepal normal tariff government of nepal. The legal base of the taric is council regulation eec no 265887 of 23 july 1987 on the tariff and statistical nomenclature and on the common customs tariff official journal l 256, 07091987. Date title filesize 08january 2020 compendium of tariff opinion 2019 new 12august 2019 2017 hs with 20192020 budget changes 09august2018 compendium of tariff opinion 2017 24july2018 2017hs with 20182019 budget changes 14june2017 compendium of classification opinion 1. The harmonized commodity description and coding system hs of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers for. Bangladesh customs tariff, a compilation of import and export duty and other rates of taxes, has been published for the sixth consecutive year to help businesses, particularly importers and book.

Schedules to the customs and excise act, 1964 tariff book. Customs tariff federal board of revenue government of pakistan. The electronic versions of these schedules were developed to provide stakeholders with easy access to the relevant duties and levies applicable to all goods imported into, manufactured locally in. Nigeria single window trade advanced tariff search. For the list of china tariff numbers, please click here. Informational listing regarding the harmonized tariff. Extract of chapter 72 of bdps customs tariff with igst and foreign trade policy 202021. A copy of this book is kept at the usa trade information center in washington dc and more specific information from this guide is. The htsa provides the applicable tariff rates and statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the united states. Additional duty of customs to countervail internal taxes notfn. Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry.

You may be contacted by email for further input if necessary. Nodal officers from the cbic customs zonesformations for facilitating customs clearances amidst the covid19 crisis. Customs tariff classification helping fiji grow as a. Tariff rates, excise duties, regulatory duties, and countervailing duties are revised in each annual budget in february, and are published in various sources, including bigs easy reference customs tariff edition. The usitc office of tariff affairs and trade agreements is responsible for publishing the harmonized tariff schedule of the united states annotated htsa. If you have a problem accessing the tariff files below, please refer to our document formats page please note, this page no longer includes the act of the customs tariff. It is not subject to the government of canada web standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

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