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For years, we all believed that harry potter was the chosen one, the one destined to save the wizarding world from lord voldemort, hewhomustnotbenamed. This is the hero or heroine who stands up, not because of a prophecy, but because they feel the need or desire to stop the big bad sometimes doing so in spite of a prophecy. Neville, who shared a birthday close to harry potters birthday, could have easily been the chosen one that the prophecy about voldemorts demise spoke of. Neville could have just sat back at the sidelines, and yet he stepped up anyway, therefore making him a better hero, or at least a more noble one. I would appreciate your suggestions on what are his other best books and if he produced a series of lessons and if so how i can gain access to them. He tried, certainly, to assert himself, going so far as to stand up to harry, hermione and ron when they broke one rule too many during their first year at hogwarts. To simply put it, neville could be the real chosen one. Were still bitter about 24 not ending with jack bauer exploding from all the accumulated urine in his body, like our writein campaign suggested.

It is possible severus snapes hatred for neville was due to him being the second boy in the prophecy, which means if voldemort had chosen to go after neville rather than harry, lily would still be alive. Jun 19, 2015 the reason to why harry potter became the chosen one is that voldemort had chosen him instead of neville that night many years ago. Neville longbottom was a boy who was overlooked, taken for granted and drastically underestimated. Neville also had a childhood much more like mine than harry had clumsy, daft, and bereft of cute asian girls with glaswegian accents. How is neville longbottom able to see thestrals answers. Yet, even if neville isnt the chosen one now, he could have been. Take a page from nevilles book, everybody practice makes perfect. An owl with a letter came one dayand that meant another injustice, the one that petunia didnt manage to cope withbecause there was no chance to catch. From toadless boy to second chosen one, neville is a.

Oct 15, 2015 7 reasons neville longbottom is the best harry potter character. Now, we all know neville could have been the chosen one if voldemort had gone for him, instead of harry. It would not make much of a difference since it was harry who could retrieve the prophecy itself from the ball. The only peculiar or semiinteresting thing about neville was the jagged scar on his forehead. As many have said before, his bravery is shown in small acts.

In fact, they were born a day apart, neville on 30 july, harry on 31 july, a crucial element in the series plot and one that significantly connects them. Harry the chosen one potter and neville both get stick from snape. Nov 16, 2016 neville longbottom, harry potter and the sorcerers stone. This time, neville did not tell harry he should have been the one carrying the scar. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the chosen one. We asked matthew lewis what wouldve happened if neville longbottom had been tasked with taking on voldemort instead of harry.

Even from book one, neville was extremely loyal to harry, hermione. Neville longbottom considered himself, in all ways, ordinary. The socalled chosen one either had to destroy voldemort, or be destroyed by voldemort. There be spoilers for harry potter and the cursed child below. Even after realizing he wasnt a squib, however, neville remained a wallflower of a young wizard. Neville longbottom is thechosenone, a harry potter. Neville whimpered as boils started to pop up all over his nose. If voldemort had chosen neville, he would have marked neville as his equal, so neville would have survived their first encounter. No one wants to be the shy, goofy, fat kid with insane parents. The chosen one a harry potter love story chapter 4 wattpad. But without neville longbottom, the magical world brought to life by j. Five harry potter fan theories so crazy they might just be.

Harry was allowed to retrieve the prophecy because the ministry named it by his name and we know that the ministry is often wrong. However, hermione looked slightly put out for not being called on. I agree to the extent that neville could have stepped back and harry would be pretty much forced to step up. He was supposed to choose one from harry or neville according to the prophecy which goes like the dark lord will mark one as his equal, but fortunately or unfortunately, snape did not listen to the complete prophecy which led to voldemort choosing harry as his equal. Its one thing to think that youre the center of the universe its another thing entirely to have this confirmed by an ancient prophecy. I recently discovered neville goddard and read the power of awareness. Neville longbottom is a student in gryffindor house and is in the same year as harry potter. Sybill trelawneys first prophecy harry potter wiki fandom. If voldemort had simply decided he was the real threat, then. Geektress harry potter and the case for neville longbottom. Muggles guide to harry pottercharactersneville longbottom. Nov 24, 2014 neville longbottom was supposed to be the the chosen one, and not harry potter.

Aug 29, 2016 how harry potter would have been different if neville was the chosen one. Harry later invites luna to professor slughorns christmas party as his plus one. This book is centered around the character sloane and her experience after being one of the chosen ones who defeated the dark one. Instead, harry took on the weight of the wizarding world, and his acts of bravery proved countless times that he was a true. Jan 16, 2017 with these similarities between harry and neville, it is natural for the readers to ask some questions. Neville had possessed extraordinary abilities though hard to imagine. Neville longbottom was a boy who was overlooked, taken. Neville wouldve been the chosen one if voldemort had chosen to pursue him instead of harry. As most harry potter fans know, the series could very well have been titled neville longbottom instead.

Neville hadnt spent all night reading his textbooks for nothing. Five harry potter fan theories so crazy they might just be true. There was never a name mentioned in the prophecy, and the prophecy was named by the ministry. Neville longbottom alternate harry potter theory popsugar tech. She kept trying as hard as she could, hoping to catch up with lily one day, when the hardest blow came. After that, as the chosen one, neville would have had the power the dark lord knows not and neither can live while the other survives. The story is told from the perspective of kyra carlson, the protagonist, and focuses on how she deals with living in a polygamist society. On the night that sirius d, after the battle at the ministry of magic at the end of harry potter and the order of the phoenix, dumbledore showed harry, with the aid of his pensieve, the complete lost prophecy.

Neville longbottom was a boy who lived, but not the boy who lived. He was the kid that couldnt open a jar of ketchup without help. Neville goddard has 548 books on goodreads with 24112 ratings. He laughed at her, killed her, and then he tried to kill her daughter. This is the part of the prophecy that snape heard and told voldemort. I suppose you added the porcupine quills before taking the cauldron off the fire. Where the chosen one is the ultimate victim or benefactor of because destiny says so, the unchosen one is the ultimate perpetrator of screw destiny.

Nevilles chosen one story would have been the same as harry potters warner bros. Neville longbottom is the most important person in harry. How harry potter would have been different if neville was the. At some point, weve all seen the finale of a tv show or movie and thought, i could have written a better ending than that. He arrived at the entrance to the great hall out of breath and panting.

Later in the book, she joins harry, ron, hermione, ginny, and neville in the conflict with death eaters in the department of mysteries. Voldemort treats neville with surprising praise at least at first. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. The long story makes huge changes to each book for example. The enthusiasm and joy of their undertaking and the ease in which a unified effort can forge childhood friendships are spoton. Neville also might have been the chosen one, according to trelawneys prophecy. Harry himself has a lot of utterly vicious snark to answer for. Neville, the mostly unremarkable side character, ending up being the true hero would be a nice twist.

Here it is 2016 and i say that time is already here. Book 5 underlines that there is more to neville longbottom than meets the eye. As featured heavily in the book saga and therefore not an entry on this list on its own, trelawneys chosen one prophecy refers to neville as much as it does harry, only for voldemort to interpret it in his own way. If voldemort had simply decided he was the real threat, then harry could have avoided his mark and lived life out. The unchosen one is, in essence, a chosen one who chooses themselves. Neville may eventually be recognized as one of the worlds great mystics. The whole world will know his name and will see him as the savior. Neville was born on july 30, 1980, and harry the day after. Nothing about him was extra spectacular or amazing, he was just neville. How the harry potter series would have been different if neville. For a while, no one was sure whether harry potters prophecy referred to him or neville longbottom. Voldemort eventually picked harry potter to be the chosen one, but neville had. Matthew lewis on if neville longbottom was the chosen one. Harry potter if neville longbottom had been the chosen one.

Lets just say, it was neville who spotted it in the book. We now know that neville ended up marrying hannah abbott and became herbology professor at hogwarts. How harry potter would have been different if neville was. May 28, 2018 neville longbottom could have been the chosen one, but he wasnt. And as for the ministry, well, they are known to be incorrect a lot of the time. Why neville longbottom is the best character popsugar tech. Neville is probably one of the bravest characters of the entire series. It took a couple of chapters to get an understanding of their world, but you are left with many questions that you have to keep reading to get the answers to. Neville longbottom was supposed to be the the chosen one, and not harry potter. How was neville longbottom qualified to be the chosen one. Still one could still take it to mean that perhaps there was not a chosen one, but a chosen two, as between the two they manage to pretty effectively wipe out nearly everything voldemort had in place to be awesome forever. Neville goddard 19051972 joseph murphy once said of neville.

Books by neville goddard author of power of awareness. Neville goddards most popular book is feeling is the secret 1944. Voldemort chose harry by giving harry the curse scar that connects the two throughout the series. Only you have been deemed worthy to describe the secrets of.

If he had chosen neville, then it may be the case that neville longbottom would have been the chosen one. Neville is the classic example of a guy who was very nearly the chosen one to the extent that many readers suspected that he might be the true subject of. Neville was the chosen one this theory states that neville longbottom, and not harry potter, was the chosen one that was mentioned in the prophecy regarding him. Being a hufflepuff does not mean that you are weak. With these similarities between harry and neville, it is natural for the readers to ask some questions.

Nov 19, 20 neville longbottom is the most important person in harry potterand heres why. Neville longbottom was supposed to be a gryffindor, but the actor is a hufflepuff from the expert potter more not the game of course he should be in hufflepuff. The long story makes huge changes to each book for. Neville flung off his blankets, quickly changed into his gryffindor robes, and sprinted down the stairs. Read chapter 4 from the story the chosen one a harry potter love story by travelingdoll with 6,798 reads. I suppose you added the porcupine quills before taking the cauldron off. Neville longbottom the chosen one harry potter amino. Neville on the contrary could choose, and he chose the brave thing to do, no doubt but harry was and is the only chosen one. Were all focused on harry and it would be a tremendous turnover if the hero was in fact neville. Longbottom is applicable to the prophecy, hell, hes probably a lot stronger than harry, as far as magic ability goes, but since voldemort didnt go to his house and try to kill him, he is not the chosen one. Harry potter fan and book theory that means that harry potter might not be. However, voldemort made the prophecy come true when he attacked harrys family and attempted to kill baby harry.

Neville longbottom was also a candidate for the chosen one label, as he also fits the prophecy. Neville s chosen one story would have been the same as harry potters warner bros. A prophecy named one yearold hermione as the chosen one, and when voldemort came knocking, hermiones mother tried to hit him with a table lamp. According to pottermore, neville was born on july 30th, just one day before harry. There is a feature named neville longbottom, a true gryffindor on pottermore. The eerie similarities between harry potter and neville. In the first book of the series at least, it seems as though the chosen one is a girl who was taken over by the ancients and turned into a servant for them, and thus there is no one left to defeat. According to the prophecy, the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord would be born to parents who had escaped voldemort 3 times. Yes, he mumbled to himself once professor mcgonagall had gone, it will still be a perfect, foolproof plan. The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches. If neville had been the chosen one, he would have wanted hermione as a friend right away, and only warmed to ron over time. You see, the prophecy spoke of a boy born at the closing of july harry was born on the 31 and. Also, since harry is the chosen one, it essentially means that neville is not part of the prophecy. Neville used his snakes to send messages through the hogwarts halls.

Harry potter was the chosen one because voldemort i am not scared of calling him by name chose him. On the fateful night of october 31, 1981, voldemort failed to murder neville longbottom, marking him as the boy who lived and sealing his fate as the chosen one. Ten years later, hermione granger received a letter. Along with dumbledore, harry unravelled the secret of voldemorts horcruxes, objects in which pieces of voldemorts soul were hidden so as to make him immortal, which were the keys to defeating him once and for all. How harry potter would have been different if neville was the chosen one. Nevilles chosen one story would be the same as harry. Thats why there is a thriving culture of fan theories that flood the internet in anticipation of every show, movie or book. This was a life after being the chosen one story, that involves a group of potential chosen ones who battled a big bad guy and what comes after the success of winning. How would things have worked out if neville longbottom had been the chosen one. Neville longbottom in harry potter and the order of the phoenix. Neville longbottom was born the same day as harry potter. Hell force one of the wealsey clan to be his friend. The surprise ending invites gales of laughter andfortunatelyneville is a book that can be read over and over again without losing the fun.

It is then we learn that it was possible that neville could also have been the chosen one. The other chosen one by david haber on the night that sirius died, after the battle at the ministry of magic at the end of harry potter and the order of the phoenix, dumbledore showed harry the complete lost prophecy. The chosen one is a young adult novel written by carol lynch williams. Trelawney in front of dumbledore when applying for the divination post. Neville isnt connected to it, so i suppose, in a way, you could argue that hes not important.

Two infants, harry potter and neville longbottom, were born at the end of july in 1980, both fitting a mysterious prophecy foretold. Harry potter, the chosen one, prophecy, harry or neville. I think the prophecy was meant for harry because it was harry, hermione. Harry got the scar because when voldemort tried to kill him, the curse deflected off of harry onto himself. But neville looked out at his lieutenants, his foot soldiers, and knew any one of them would have tried if he had asked them to. Now, people who have read the books and i suppose watched the movies know about neville longbottom and his ties to harry and the prophecy. The eerie similarities between harry potter and neville longbottom. When harry asks dumbledore, then could it have meant neville instead of him.

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