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Lead leaching from pcbs was the primary mode of identified transmission according to park and fray 2009. It is easier to work with, requires lower temperatures, and there are less quality issues with the joints. So what are the best lead free solder alloys for general hand soldering. The temperature required to get a leadfree solder alloy into its molten, eutectic state which allows for proper wetting is greater than that required for soldering with 6040 or 6337 leadtin solder. Aer technologies offers both lead and leadfree soldering. Lead pb some background lead pb has been used by humans since at least 6500 bc pb solder use dates back to 3800 bc when it was used to produce ornaments and jewelry harmful effects of excess pb on the human body are well documented pb gets into the body only through inhalation or ingestion. The flux core in the wire and lead free fluxes contain harsh reducing agents that are highly irritatating to wet membranes like the sinuses and the eyes the flux used in lead free soldering has a shelf life. Historically, lead has been widely believed to mitigate the formation of tin whiskers. I thank you all in advance, but ask you to please refrain from turning this into a discussiondebateargument about leaded vs lead free solder. Every question along these lines on the internet seems to end up at lead free solder is shit. Leadfree solder paste solders products made by indium. Although previous testing has shown little differences between printing lead free and tin lead solder pastes v, it is useful to prove out the similarity of the printing process windows of particular leadfree solder pastes, as this is a key factor when determining the process windows and easeofuse of various alloys. Our lead free solder works well on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Therefore, its of much significance to get fully aware of comparison between lead soldering and lead free soldering manufacturing procedure in pcba so that electronic products performance and functions wont be compromised by environmental concern.

Lead free solders such as sac, sncu and the higher temperature option tinantimony snsb wet a little slower than 6337 when compared using similar conditions in wetting balance tests. You cant get a good joint using lead solder and lead free solder together. When lead free solder is used in wave soldering, a slightly modified solder pot may be desirable e. A typical solder such as 6040, with 60 % tin, and 40 % lead, has a melting point approximately between 183 c to 188 c. Leadfree parts can be used with traditional solder. Indium corporation is a worldleader in lead free solder paste and lead free solder powder.

The issues of lead solder being bad for you as a person are very minimal. Tin sn is present in both lead free and leaded solder but lead pb is not present april 23, 2020. Lead free solder is taking rapid momentum around the world after the eu european union directives to wipe off lead poison from electronic soldering considering its health and environmental effects. Lead free solder wires should contain at least 2% flux by weight. Nov, 2019 lead alloys were the standard for solder used in electronics for decades, but due to the health issues associated with lead, manufacturers are moving away from lead based solders. I prefer lead solder as it seems to run better but ive run out of it now so use lead free for everything, i find it needs a little more heat for a little longer time. Best leadfree solder alloys for general hand soldering. For customers preferring lead free components, aer has designated lead free soldering stations to avoid the risk of contamination. The low melting temperature makes the 3070 lead based solder slightly easier to use than our lead free solder. The greater the tin concentration, the greater the solder s tensile and shear strengths. When manufacturing specific products, they must use lead free solder. Lead solder vs lead free body soldering general information.

I have made up my mind to go with lead free and would appreciate if you would only discuss lead free solder. Attempt to use leadfree parts, resistors, capacitors, ics, etc. However, different products and applications will use different solder. At the time lead free was defined as solder and flux with no more than 0. Lead free solder composition is different from composition of leaded solder. All discussions seem to ignore the numerous different alloys of lead free solder. Give us a call today for your lead or leadfree soldering needs at 714 446 6083. Lead free body solder is a recent development that is safer and stronger than lead based body solders. Lead free solder is becoming more common, replacing the traditional solder made from lead and tin. Leadfree and lead solder do perform the same function. The main reason for the introduction of these regulations is the need to reduce lead in the landfills, mostly in europe. This is the temperature and time zone where you touch the solder to the copper and it is drawn into the joint by capillary action, displacing the flux as it goes and attaching itself permanently to the copper nice and evenly.

Tin lead snpb solders, also called soft solders, are commercially available with tin concentrations between 5% and 70% by weight. There are many different brands of solder on the market, but the majority of these will be one of two types. Differences between tinlead and leadfree solder simply. Lead free soldering compared to lead soldering tips. Now look at the green line, which shows how lead free solder works. The leadfree body solder has the advantage of being stronger and safer, and can be sanded and filed. To make leadfree solder that worked as well as lead solder, manufacturers combined tin with copper and sometimes silver. In 1986 congress amended the safe drinking water act, prohibiting the use of pipes, solder or flux that were not lead free in public water systems or plumbing in facilities providing water for human consumption. In this video i discuss why lead based solder is generally preferred over lead free solder and i also talk about the important factors associated with choosing the. From the perspective of mechanical influence, typical leadfree solder is harder than lead solder. I picked up the everlasting spool of kester lead free solder i bought in 2011 and looked up the sds for it. A slowmotion train wreck in military and aerospace electronics design is taking place right in front of us.

Activation energy versus strain rate for two lead free eutectic solders sn3. Herat 2008 asserts that this is not a surprising finding given the wellknown toxicity of lead. Reliability comparison between lead and leadfree solder. Nov 15, 2019 while a good quality soldering iron is critical for any soldering job, the solder itself is perhaps even more important. Stress exponents and activation energies for dorn equation for tin and four lead free solder alloys.

Aug 01, 2016 lead free stained glass solder problem. The lead in solder allowed it to melt at a low temperature, and the tin gave the connection more strength. Last but not least and the most important part is use a hakko 601 soldering iron. The only real downside is the price for the amount of solder you receive. Because lead free solder alloy features worse wettability, more defects tend to take place such as cavities, displacement and tomb standing and cavity size tends to. Types of solder for the right application lifewire. This temperature chart shows the different solders that are available and their melting temperatures. Moreover, generated surface oxide, flux contaminant and alloy residue will possibly lead to bad performances on electrical contact and contact resistance. Although i use it anyway for cabling headphones and earphones because i refuse to wear something with lead joints near my skin, even if theyre sealed in glue and heatshrink. Silver solder usually refers to a stronger solder used for mechanical joins compared to lead solder which is soft and relatively weak. The best lead free solder comes from a plumbing supply. A quick comparison between lead free soldering and 60 40 soldering on a printed circuit board or pcb. May 08, 2014 lead free eutectic solder is crazy expensive, probably equal parts audiophile markup and the insane precious metals market silver.

The main reason for the introduction of these regulations is the need to. The only reason to use lead free solder is if it is not allowed in your jurisdiction or you are want to sell soldered goods someplace like europe where this is forbidden for practical purposes. Jan 30, 2018 lead free and lead solder do perform the same function. Lead free solder and composition differ from leaded solder composition. Oct 08, 2010 my understanding is that lead free must be used on pipes carrying potable water but it is ok to use lead solder on gas and non potable water. Mixing the two also makes solder iron tips fail pretty fast. Comparison between lead soldering and leadfree soldering.

Restriction of hazardous substances directive wikipedia. When manufacturing specific products, they must use leadfree solder. Lead free solder conversely tends to stay in place where it is in its liquid state, and attaches itself to exposed metal surfaces only where the liquid solder touches it. Lead containing solder has a lower surface tension, and tends to move slightly to attach itself to exposed metal surfaces that touch any part of the liquid solder. While a good quality soldering iron is critical for any soldering job, the solder itself is perhaps even more important. A comparison of tinsilvercopper leadfree alloys aim solder. For customers preferring leadfree components, aer has designated leadfree soldering stations to avoid the risk of contamination. These new alloys have higher melting temperatures than lead tin solders. Traditional solder melts at about 190 degrees c, while the newer solder usually melts at 220 degrees c or higher. The possibility of tin whiskers is less likely to occur using leaded solder, however, this is dependent on the amount of lead in the solder. Lead free solder the issue of tin lead solder versus lead free solder reliability and whether lead in solders used for circuit board assembly impacts the reliability. Divided into leadbased and leadfree types, it is a useful reference for engineers and buyers. You can find cheaper solder with a lot length for less if the lead isnt a concern for you. Whether leadfree or lead solder, the function is the same.

If you can work in lead, you can work with lead free. But when you sell your home to a new family with young kids, your gift to society will just keep giving. Lead free solder and composition lead free solder wire. All leadfree alternatives scored better than eutectic tinlead solder kliopova and laukyte, 2006. So people report lead free solder is difficult to work with, but as a first time solder er. It turns out kester makes leaded and lead free versions of the same formulation. Lead free solder typically requires around 2% flux by mass for adequate wetting ability. Our experience in using lead free solder taught us that using a hotter than usual soldering iron will produce the best results. Lead was banned in the 80s so maybe you are old, and the lead has already done its worst on you. The issue of tinlead solder versus leadfree solder reliability and whether lead in solders used for circuit board assembly impacts the reliability. Lead free solder joints feature higher hardness and intensity than snpb solder joints and smaller deformation, which doesnt refer to high reliability of lead free solder joints.

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